Automatic Ice Pop Maker

The Automatic Ice Pop Maker freezes ice pops in as little as 7-12 minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped pops Start to make your own Juice Ice pops with quick ice pop maker

amazing pops

Features of Quick Ice Pop Maker
• A quick freeze container with 3 pops 
• witha release tool/3 pop sticker 
• Can make 6 ice pops (2 batches). 
• Take time 10-12 minutes for each batch). 
• With a user-friendliness release tool. 
• Anti skid rubber on bottom of the unit.
1 pc /giftbox
G.W: 18kgs N.W: 16kgs
1x20FCL: 4200pcs

Video of Making Ice Pops

Make Amazing Pop easy

take amazing pop in min amazing pops amazing pop maker automatic Ice pop maker
China Quick Ice pop Maker Manufacturer offer Ice pop maker Sales,Wholesale, looking for distributor in the worldwide,Just contat us for price list acccording to your order quantity. Offer quality products for summer best seller that grow up your business.
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  1. Salman Gilani says:


    I wanted to order 10 of these Zoku ice pop makers, could please tell me the price per product. Plus can you ship the products outside of the U.S ?

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