China Buffet Server Supplier

We are buffet Server supplier, export for many years. The Buffet Warmer Server food warmer have approved by CE/GS/Rohs/ETL for Euro market, USA market. We use higher quality stainless steel material for products body, also from the lid, you can see the food in the tray. easy to operate by control temperature knob (thermostat), from low, mid and higher. Cooling touch handle , Safety!  We are looking for distribute in the worldwide, Contact us for offer with details if you interest.

Buffet Server Products List

Buffet Server
BS300-1 Buffet tray
Electric Warming Tray
BS300 3 tray Buffet Warmer Server
Buffet Server
BS250 Electric Buffet  Warmer tray
Buffet Server
BS200 2 tray Buffet tray Food Warmer
Buffet Server
BS200-1 3 tray Buffet Warming trays
  • Features:
  • Adjust Temperature knob to desired heat for your food contents,choose temperature settings the temperature is 105-185 Fahrenheit
  • Select temperature (Low,Middle & High)
  • The food Trays Server can keep foods hot for a long period of time
  • Remove food and liquid for easy clean up and perparation for next use.
  • Place your vessels of food directly on the surface of the warming tray for warming.Food can be kept warm for a maximum 3 hours.
  • 3 separate cooking pans and lids
  • Cool Touch Handles
  • Indicator Light

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