Led Head Lamp

We selection Special Gather light, What maker the distance to 200 meters,Also we take seven long-life, super-hgh light and low energy-using bulbs. The Led need low electric, and keeps long time to light.

Led head lamp Manufacturer Led head lighter

How to use Led Head Lamp:

Please push out the plug and insert straightly to the 220V socket when you electrify, then the instructional lihgt would be on. It takes 10-12 hours to get full  electric. You can control the light by lighting switch.

Attention for head lights:

  • You should electrify in time, do not keep the battery without electric, and control the time of electrifying within 20 hours. plus, if you keep the light long, please electrify for 8 hours every 3 months, otherwise the life of battery would be down.
  • Using is forbidden when electrified.
  • do not keep in the rain or get wet.

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