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China Electric Hot Plates Supplier offer more than 15 model Hot plates for your Choose. Welcome OEM order or Wholesale Electric Hot plate. 1000W Single Hot Plate, 2000W Double hot plates or 2500W Electric Burner Hot plate to meet your requirement. More details please click photo or contact us. Small order quantity accepted to start.  We have cooperation with our customer over 7 years in Euro, South American,Africa etc… Hope we can serve with you soon. Check related products: Ceramic Hobs

Electric Spiral hot Plates Products

Single Burner Electric Stove
HP106S 1000W Single Electric Stove
1500W 4 coils Electric Stove
HP106BS 1500W Single Electric Stove
Electric Stove
HP105S 1000W Single Stove
Electric Stove
HP105BS 1500W 4 Coils Single Stove
Double Burner Electric Stove
HP206S 2000W Double Electric Stoves
Double Burner Electric Stove
HP206BS 2500W Double Burner Electric Stoves
2000W Double Electric Stoves
HP205S 2000W Double Burner Electric Stoves
 2500W Double Electric Stoves
HP205BS 2500W Two Burner Electric Stoves
2000w Double Electric Stove Burner
HP2011S 2000W Large Size 2 Burner Electric Stoves
Electric Furnace
HP1000 1000W Table Electric Furnace/Stove

Electric Furnace with table
HP2000 2000W
Table Electric

Electric Solid Hot Plates Products

Single Electric Hot Plate
HP1001B 1000W Single Hot Plate
1500w single hot plate
HP2001B 1500W Single Hot Plate
1500W Single Electric Hot Plate
HP105 1500W Stainless S Hot Plate
2000W Double Electric Hot Plates
HP2002B 2000W Double hot Plates
 2500W Double Electric Hot Plates
HP2012B 2500W Double Hot Plates
2000W Double Hot Plates
HP2001B 2000W Double Hot Plates
Stainless Steel Double Hot Plates
HP2011B 2500W Stainless Steel Plate
Stainless Steel Single Hot Plate
HP108 Stainless Steel HotPlate
Stainless Steel Double Hot Plates
HP208 Stainless Steel Hotplates

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