As seen on TV Magic Slushy Maker

Great Products for summer as seen on TV Magic slushy maker, Serve single personal and easy use for slushie drinking. Skip the blender and make easy, thrist-quenching drinks the whole family will love with this Slushy Magic slushie maker.

slush maker

Make Slush Fast! (and milkshakes too) with the magic Slush & Shake Maker! This high-performance, design driven slushy maker can make healthy slushies

Make slushies or milkshakes on your countertop in minutes with this specially designed Zoku cup. Just place the inner core in the freezer for at least 8 hours

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The no mess, no fuss way to make a slushy at home in less than a minute freeze, squeeze, enjoy! … Colour Blast Slushy Maker. All new colours.

Transform any drink into a slushy with the Slush Magic Maker Kit! Just shake it up, and chill it down! No ice, No blender, No MESS!How it works:Just freeze the slush maker.

Freeze Inner Core



Remove the inner core from the outer sleeve and place it into freezer for 9-24 hours.

Pour Beverage & Fresh fruit juice, Scrape sides.




Pour in the chilled or fresh juice beverage up to the fill line. Wait a minute or two, then scrape the wall of the cup with the tip of the included spoon to remove ice from the wall.

Homemade slushy maker single personal slush machine

Enjoy your slush drinking

fresh slush maker

Simple slush maker with lid and spoon straw; Food safe silicone cup, lid and spoon straw; Lid and spoon straw are top-rack dishwasher safe; cup is hand-wash

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