Slushie Maker

Professional Slushie Ice Maker
The Slushie maker allows you to make slushies in the comfort of your own home. And if you’re a slushie fan it’ll pay for itself in no time. Using the mains-powered Slushie Maker is a doddle. Simply load it with ice, ordinary table salt (don’t worry, you don’t drink that bit) and your juice of choice, and watch in wonder as it churns out a seriously cool slushie.
As well as fruity slushies the Slushie Maker makes a mean frozen margarita. In fact you can make all kinds of frozen cocktails, daiquiris, martinis, cosmopolitans – the possibilities are endless. You can even experiment with coffee and tea. And watching the churning process through the clear drum is almost as entertaining as gulping down your slushie.

Professional Slushie Maker

Slushie Maker Features:

1. Use crushed ice or small ice cubes from your
freezer to make delicious slushie drinks.
2. Easy to use
3. Includes recipe suggestions
4. Handy drinks holder and drip tray
5. Makes up to 2 litres of slushie
6. Mains powered
Please Note:
1.If making alcoholic drinks you will need to add the
alcohol once you’ve poured out the slushie mixer, as
alcohol doesn’t freeze at temperatures the Slushie
Maker produces
2.Keep out of reach of children
3.Read instructions carefully before operation
4.Hand wash only
5.Wash thoroughly after each use and do not let sit
with any left over salt or liquid
Product Dimensions:
Measures approximately:
41.5cm(H) x 19.5cm(W) x 23cm(D)
220-240V 50/60Hz 25W
CE,LFGB,ROHS Certificates
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4 thoughts on “Slushie Maker

  1. eliahu says:


    about Slushie Maker.

    have you machine thats do as Slushie Maker.

    but it doing a little ices from water.

    like big ice maker ?


  2. Rachel Brown says:

    Hi there

    Would i need adaptors for the plug if i purchase for use in the uk?
    Also how much would it cost to ship initially 10 units to the uk?

    Many Thanks


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