Vacuum Food Storage

Vacuum Food Storage products perfect for storage food, For Vacuum purpose, Use it as any airtight container.  The airtight vaccum food storage container is suitable for Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe. The pump can be used on Vaccum storage products.

Vacuum Food Storage Contaienr Function

  • Air and liquid tight
  • A vaccum by using the pump,ensuring freshness by reducing oxygen and moisture
  • Highly resilient Silicone Gasket Provides a super airtight and leak-proof seal
  • Friendly “Hingeless” Design: No more need to line up hinges, So simple
Vaccum Storage Set
1.25L + 1.80L Vaccum Storage Set
Vaccum Food Storage
1.25L Vaccum Food Storage
vaccum storage containers
1.80L Vaccum Storage Containers








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